About G-News

What is G-News, who is behind all of it, how can I get in touch with the author?
These are questions you might have asked yourself, when you found G-News the first time. This page serves to answer such questions as far as possible.

The idea
The basic idea behind G-News is to provide readers with news around topics like hardware, technology, tinkering, performance, industry and other interesting bits. The reader shouldn't have to browse through dozens of websites every day to get the news he wants, he rather should have one site that lists the news of several pages, wraps-up their articles and provides a link to the original article. That is the first part of G-News, the news section. The second part is to report on stuff, mainly hardware, that comes in handy and/or that few people know of. These are the articles and the reviews sections.

What does G-News mean?
I'm not quite sure about this either. G can stand for a lot of things: Generation, G3, G4, Good, Great, General, Gaming, a cool Latino boy (which I am not) etc... I chose this name because back when I founded G-News, my handle on Gameranger used to be Garm_Hellguard, so that may also be a reason. Also note the interesting fact that "G-News" almost sounds like "genius":) My handle is now "G-News".

Who's doing it?
That would be me. My name is Benjamin Blaser, commonly called Bensch, I live in Bern, Switzerland and my birthday is March 14. 1981. G-News is not quite my first writing activity. I started DreaMaCH in early 1999, which was later replaced by G-News. Before that I also started writing news for IMG's column Gamegear, formerly known as Frank's Gamegear. When Gamegear got closed up, I started G-News to replace it, independent of IMG (note: G-News is in no way affiliated or endorsed with IMG). After a while, Gamegear got started up again, mostly thanks to Ben Lee. But because of lack of time, the column got closed again a little later and has now been silent for quite a long time.
I also write a column for MacToolBox.com. You may find more useful things there, some haven't been covered on G-News either. I do many other Mac related things yet, but these are not important.

You can contact me anytime at email@g-news.ch

What else do I need to know?
As a reader you should know the following:

Can I advertise on G-News?
Yes, certainly. G-News' prices are beyond even the cheapest competition, and there are still a few prominent spaces left. For questions and further details, please contact me. The top banner space is available for ads (everything but sex/porn, online casinos and microsoft products) for 5$ a month, minimal ad time being a month.