Gotta love those 'books

Apple's New PowerBooks gotta be the most desirable pieces of hardware currently available. I'll take donations anytime:)

Dr. Bott offers AirPort range extenders

MacCentral already covered the story, so I'm going to link to them, instead of pasting the press email here. The extra antennas work with the new AirPort Extreme (802.11g) and extend to 75m in all directions, or to 150m in a single direction. (directed beam).

XFree86 for OS X, from Apple!

Apple has just released their own 2D and 3D accellerated version of XFree86 for Mac OS X. That should give a fair boost to Linux and UNIX application porting to OS X. The release is beta so far, but looks very promising.
They have also released the public beta of their own browser, Safari, which can be downloaded and tested here: http://www.apple.com/safari.

Keynote news summarized

MacCentral has all the live coverage wrapped up on a page. Handy.
xlr8yourmac also has the coverage and some surrounding news as well.
the register has news on the powerbooks and on corrupt stock analysts. (I always hated them). And here is some opinion on Safari.
MacNN also has the news of course.
MacCentral simply has the best overall coverage and layout too. I really like that site.
IMG has some chat and details on graphics cards (nVidia GeForce 4 Go and ATI) with some interesting details for gamers and graphics enthusiasts.

GeForce FX bench-sneaky-peak

MaximumPC has some first look at a prototype version of the upcoming GeForce FX, comparing it to the Radeon 9700. Of course these first scores actually don't mean anything.

Mac Silencer cases

MacCentral has news on a company offering alternative, silenced cases for the noisy bunch of the current PowerMacs. (47-48dbA, unmodified here). They claim they can reduce noise to 37db.
CryWolf Systems the company who's offering them, now has them in display. But the cases are huge and the prices are extremely high. That's only going to be interesting for Audio producers.

First SATA HD review online

Hexus.net has a first online review of a native Serial-ATA harddrive from Seagate, comparing it to traditional ATA drives.

Marklar rumors

Macrumors has some ideas that Apple may be looking into the possibility of shipping an x86 version of OS X, should Microsoft decide to drop Mac development. (which might actually be the case, now that Apple makes it's own browser and PowerPoint alternatives, which are necessarily going to dig off some water on Office v.X) However, the OS dubbed "Marklar" would only be an aquatized Darwin with an x86 version of Cocoa running on it. No Classic and most certainly no Carbon either. More of a Linux/Unix alternative, than a real competition to Windows. We shall see.

Dual 1GHz upgrade review

xlr8yourmac has also tested and reviewed PowerLogix's Dual 1GHz G4 upgrade for AGP Macs. The upgrade is surprisingly fast and is a real alternative to a new system for owners of older AGP G4 systems. (Unless they want to buy one of those sexy new PowerBooks, of course).

M$ has to Java

Slashdot covered news that Microsoft was ruled to include Java again into future version of their Windows operating system.

Power5 news

the register has some news on IBM's plans with the Power5 chip. Some impressive stuff coming up.
And here's some news on the PPC 970. Officially from IBM for a change.

New ways to computing power

the register has some interesting news on a chip company going an all new way in processor design: 430 16bit cores on one die.

AMD's latest baby

the register also has news on AMD's Athlon 2400+MP, which is seen as a rival to Intel's Xeon line of chips.