Y2K bugs add up

The register has a list of failures that occurred all over the world. Mostly it is only minor glitches like wrong dates on websites, but also the US Navy and Japanese Nuclear Powerplants are affected. After all the bug DID strike, just not as obviously as expected.
xlr8yourmac.com even claims to have gotten news from a reader that www.apple.com had a date showing 20100 instead of 2000. But I guess it has been fixed by now.

Compaq to introduce FireWire

While Intel does not support FireWire, AMD doesn't think it is bad. That is why the Compaq 7000 AMD series will now ship with 2 FireWireports standard (IEEE 1394). Look how they catch up:) www.theregister.co.uk

TR2 gets V3 fix

Or in other words: Tomb Raider 2 just got an update to work properly with Voodoo3 cards. That makes one more game that should now run perfectly on Voodoo3, no more hacks required. Download the update here and read what the changes are:MacUpDate
However, it only seems to work for the english version...