New graphics card rumor

IMG has news that a small Finnish company called Bitboys Oy (reminds me of the little racoon in one of Steven Kings books) are soon going to release a new graphics card called the "Glaze 3D". The card uses some new embedded RAM technology, enabling far higher memory throughputs, especially in combination with a 512bit bus... The card will even be faster than a Voodoo5, with 1.2 billion pixels per second throughput. Mac Driver support seems to be quite likely, cool!! Better read the article yourself.

Gateway sells Amiga

MacWEEK has a report that Gateway just sold the name and idea of Amiga to a former Amiga employee a few days ago. The guy intends to revive the Amiga. Since the company went bankrupt several years ago, the best solution was to get a Mac and run the Amiga over an Emulator. This might now change again. MacWEEK


MacObserver reports that an official brochure for Windows 2000 features a picture of a Mac running Netscape. Not only does that mean Microsoft allowed a Mac into their brochure, it also means they advertize for their enemy's Webbrowser.. Uhh, billy... MacObserver

Fix for Q3?

Many, many people have had problems connecting to servers with their dial-up connection, most were stuck at "awaiting cd key...", now MGL might have found a solution for this problem. I have not checked whether it works or not, but I'll do asap. MGL
The fix reportedly helped several GR users, but I was without luck. (64k ISDN)

G4 vs Athlon

I found this on slashdot. ArsTechnica has posted a comparison of the G4 against the Athlon. I have not read it yet, but I will. See for yourself.
I now read the article and I must say "Hannibal" remains astoundingly unbiased, bravo. However, many of the down sides of the G4 against the K7 will most likely be extinct with the G4+ arriving. Not only does the G4+ add 2 more integer and 2 more Altivec units (which means 4 IEUs and 4 VPUs compared to 3 IEUs and 3 FPUs (not optimized for Vector processing), it will also lenghten the pipeline to 7 stages. I'm pretty sure the G4+ will be much faster than the G4. You can read more details on this topic over at DreaMaCH