Cooling your Macs

I have written a little article and taken a few shaky pictures to illustrate you the possibilities there are to add cooling features to your Mac. Check out this article to learn more about what's hot and what's cool.

GeForce rumors

xlr8yourmac.com has a few interesting news around the Rage 128 Pro graphics card (a reader notes it has a noisy fan) and some other stuff.
The also note that Utterer.com has gotten "news from a reader" that Apple and nVidia are developping drivers for the GeForce AGP card. Michael Breeden comments on a few possible issues the card might have in G4 systems. After all I must say that I believe this is only a rumor. Statements from nVidia when asked about Mac support were always very negative. Maybe just a news site struggling for more attention.

3Com goes Mac

MacWEEK notes that 3Com has announced Mac support on their wireless LAN products. The thingies will be Airport compatible - also the PC versions. Nice indeed.