xlr8yourmac has more details on using a PC ATX case with Mac SCSI devices (as external case) and has some minor confirmation on the Glaze3D coming to Mac. Bitboys won't do it themselves, but they are "anticipating the work with third parties".

Graphics cards

Shugashack has another snip out of the BitBoys Oy interview at Anandtech, discussing the extreme performance of their Glaze3D card. (up to 300FPS in Quake 3) Another post notes that 3Dfx seems to be looking into 0.15 micron technology. It is unclear whether that production process will already be used in Voodoo4/5 (Napalm) or if it will appear in its sequel (Rampage). of course that would reduce die size, power usage and thus heat build-up.
FiringSquad also has a Bitboys interview. Man, a lot of rumble considering a week ago everybody thought the Glaze3D was Vaporware™.

Intel admits shortages

the register has an official letter from Intel admitting that they are going be really short on P3 chips during February...and not only the P3s.
Yet they are not lazy and have also just announced a P3 933B (7x133MHz), as you can read here.
And of course the market is already reacting to those shortages, prices rise demand decreases.

iMac upgrades

iMac2Day notes that Newertechnology has already announced the 466MHz G3 upgrades for the first generation iMacs now. No rumor after all, eh?

Mac OS X on a G3

MacObserver argues how fast the somewhat bloated Aqua interface under Mac OS X will run on a G3. Is Apple trying to force us into buying a G4? (Oh, you don't need to force, really:)). Opinion.

New Bus from Intel

According to Techweb Intel is developing a new "quad pumped" frontside bus, supporting up to 400Mhz speed. The bus will be 128bit (!) wide and should be supported by both "Foster" and "McKinley" processors (32bit and 64bit).

Pismo G4?

MOSR reports that G4 equipped Pismo powerbook prototypes have been seen in the lab at Cuppertino. Oh yes... They also note that IBM has finally announced readiness of the 550 and 600MHz G3 processors