3dfx, ATI, G4

xlr8yourmac notes that the recent job cuttings at 3dfx have not affected the Mac VSA-100 team, so the Mac versions of the Voodoo4/5 cards should remain on schedule.
Michael has also posted the comparison between the Rage 128 and the Rage 128 PRO. See if the Pro is really 40% faster, or if ATI has only talked hot air.
And last but not least, readers report that G4 revision 2.8 are already present in the latest shipped G4 systems. That doesn't actually surprise me, but it is good to know it officially. There are also some reader reports on the differencies between Sawtooth rev A and rev B motherboards.


the register has some more details on Intel's soon-to-be-revealed "Willamette" processor. Of course the "Wilma" also needs a "Fred", i.e. a new motherboard chipset. I wonder how mayn flints will have to be cracked until everything burns this time...remember i820...
ZDnet also reports that Willamette's little brother, known as "Northwood" is in the pipe and will be replacing the Mobile P3 "Speedstep" in 2001.

The Power LAN

Firingsquad previews a pice of hardware called the "PassPort" by a company known as "inari", that enables you to connect computers in your house via the A/C plugs in the wall. By using the existing A/C wiring, you can avoid fiddling with coax or twisted pair cables, but at a price. The PassPort only goes as fast as 350Kbit/sec. Still it is an interesting thing to see such products ship already. I think of Ascom, experimenting with Internet access over A/C here in Switzerland. The Germans are also working on it...


MOSR notes that the UMA-2 Macs will feature a new startup sound, with even more power behind it,
that the Dr3 of Mac OS X will not represent a complete beta and may yet lack a few features and
that the first UMA-2 Mac (which will most likely be the "Shark" G4) will most likely ship with PC-266 DDR SDRAM and also support it of course. Cool!

Minuet plans

AppleInsider notes that there may be indeed 3 different versions of "Minuet". 9.0.1 which has apparently gone GM recently is adding support for the new Powerbooks "Pismo", which are expected to be demoed in Tokyo soon. 9.0.2 which is currenly being worked at, will support the Revision B iBooks and 9.0.3, which hasn't been anywhere yet, should support the mulitprocessor "Mystic" G4s then.