Quake 2 1.03 out

MGL notes that the patch for Quake 2 is now out officially, which is a bit surprising to me, since I was one of the testers... However, I highly recommend updating to 1.03 since it not only fixes some Voodoo3 and multi-monitor issues, but also some annoying mouse sensitivity bugs. Head over to ftp://ftp.logicware.com/pub/quake2/q2mac103update.sit.bin to download the patch. Make sure to read the read me carefully.

Voodoo4/5 at CeBIT?

Shugashack notes that newssites rumor (or know) that 3dfx will demo the 4500, 5000 and 5500 cards at upcoming CeBIT expo in Germany. Expect some major fuss around this announcement.

AMD goes 850 now

TechWeb notes that AMD has released the 850MHz K7 3 days ahead of schedule. Five companies have already announced that they'll use those chips in upcoming systems. Oh my..
the register notes that competitor Intel isn't doing that well, experiencing problems with chipsets again, and moving from one slot to the other socket and back...
And finally SharkyExtreme already has the review on the thing.

Joshua is coming

the register reports that VIA has now set the debut date of its "Joshua" CPU, which is based on the older Cyrix "Cayenne" core,a nd will run at 433-466MHz for now. While the chip is clearly aimed at low cost machines, I sure hope it is a little faster than the old Cyrixes, which were undoubtedly the slowest CPUs on the market.

"Finder Desktop" in Mac OS X anyway?

MOSR notes that there may be an "icon capable" desktop in Mac OS X anyway, not leaving users with the somewhat alien "File Viewer". If Mac OS X can also handle files on the desktop, as Mac OS can do it now, then I'll be happy. This is, in my opinion one of the biggest benefits Mac OS has. Some of you might think that having all your stuff on the desktop is chaotic, but my experience can tell you that, if it is used wisely, it is the best way to handle your daily files and folders. Having this option in Mac OS X would make it a truly awesome OS.

Connectix wins trial

Last but not least, Connectix won the lawsuit against Sony, which had sued them for their PSX emulator "Virtual Game Station" aka VGS. If you want to know more about this, I recommend IMG