Boomslang works

xlr8yourmac notes that a reader has already successfully used the Razer Boomslang gaming mouse on his USB equipped Mac, even without the drivers, which have also been announced already. Oh yes, those are great news for fans of FPS games.

Bill the Mac fan?

the register notes that Bill Gates was indeed a great admirer of Apple and Steve Jobs in the early days, try ing to cooperate with Apple and bring "such amazing devices" to the market. I'm not sure whether that story is true or not, but it surely sounds wicked.

IDF rolling on

the register also notes that Intel is now really going to show off some prototypes of Itanium based systems on their IDF (Intel Developer Forum). Besides the new chips, Intel will also discuss things as 1000BaseT Ethernet, FCPGA standard, DDR SDRAM and RDRAM etc... Let's see what the consensus of all this might be.

MS is to expensive

TechWeb reports that the Swiss price regulator commite is launching an investigation against Microsoft, after repeated complaints from users that MS Software is too expensive. I haven't heard from that on the radio yet, but I can only confirm that MS products are very expensive here.

3dfx interview

FiringSquad has another interview with 3dfx's Peter Wicher discussin the following:

Today we have an interview with Peter Wicher, 3dfx's Director of
Product Marketing. We discuss VSA-100, FSAA (full screen anti-aliasing),
Bitboys, Playstation2, and several other topics.

Jobs on Freemac claims

MacNN features Jobs reaction on Freemac's claims that Apple was preventing the company from distributing free iMacs to over a Milleion subscribers....
See how much truth lies behind that statement and think for yourself, why Freemac probably never shipped any "free" Macs...

AGP: faster or not?

Tom's Hardware compares the 3 AGP standards on both Pentium and AMD based systems and discusses where the speed gain really lies. Interesting that AGP 2x is only little slower than AGP 4x in current systems. Read this and maybe you won't have to argue about it anymore afterwards.

The History of the Lisa GUI

Slashdot links to a site showing the history behnind and of the Lisa and its GUI / OS. The system was first released in 1983, but because of a high price and too much of a revolution (like the Newton) was doomed. Luckily the Mac wasn't such a bad replacement.

Tokyo rumors confirmed

AppleInsider confirms MOSR's rumors about the debut of Pismo, iBook rev B and other products at upcoming MW Tokyo. Be anxious, very anxious:)