Cuppertino conference

MacAddict features a report from Apple's conference in Cuppertino, showing off the new products that had just been announced in Tokyo. After all not everyboy was able to make it there. Check out what they said about the new Macs in Cuppertino.

Voodoo5 showed off!!

xlr8yourmac.com has news on the Voodoo5 that has been showed off at MWT. And there are some kick-ass news about it. First of all the cards are going to ship pretty soon, they will have QT support, they will have full DVD support, they will have full 1555 pixel format support (since they'll be special Mac VSA-100 chipsets), and they will also have all the other features we already knew. xlr8yourmac.com has a great report on that, complete with a small interview.
Of course Michael also reports on some of the other announcements and products made yesterday.

Intel and Sony

the register notes that Intel and Sony may be talking about partnering up in terms of iLink (a future wireless version of FireWire, aka IEEE 1394) or maybe also about memory. If everything goes well, PCs and Entertainment systems might soon have wireless FireWire Networking (Macs too of course) and Sony might be producing and developing new memory standards. (PC200x for example)

Willamette confuses

the register notes that Intel's upcoming chip Willamette which was demoed yesterday at 1.5Ghz, has in fact 2 ALUs (arithmetrical logical units) that both run at twice the core speed (ie 3Ghz). However, it isn't exactly clear how things are really and what will make it into the very final versions of these chips. One thing is clear though: When these things ship, we'll need a G5 to compete:)

MWT coverages

MacNN has a general coverage over the events of MW Tokyo.
IMG focuses on Hardware, of course with from a gamer's point of view:)

MOSR news

MOSR also has a few news on Pismo "features" and Mac OS X compatibility of other PBs. As I say almost every day, MOSR is a good place to read news.