MS trial comes to an end

MacAddict has an article on the now soon ending MS antitrust trial that has been in the news and in the minds of people for a long time now. What will the conclusions be? Is anything going to change?


xlr8yourmac.com has a lot of tips and hints again. Some first user benchmarks of the new Pismo PowerBook, even lower SDRAM prices (damn, and I just ordered some 2 days back), lower CPU prices and some other hints on hardware. Go see for yourself.

ixMicro closes

MGG notes that iXmicro, former manufacturer of some mighty fine graphics card (well earlier), has simply closed its doors, without bankruptcy nor future support of their products. Why are they all dying like flies? Never expected any competition? Let's hope others won't join that fate.

X-Box soon?

Shugashack notes that Microsoft is expected to have a speech on the much rumored X-Box console-like-entertainment-computer-running-some-sort-of-windows-and-games. Afgter a lot of rumors and gossip on this thing, it now seems to shape into reality indeed. Be afraid, Sony and Sega.
the register also has a few interesting details on this subject.

Josh is coming (to the market)

the register notes that VIA has now released their Cyrix III chip (Joshua) and that Compaq has already announced support for the chip. The chip seems majorly improved over the previous Cyrixes, but with speed around 466Mhz, it won't knock PC users out of their shoes. What will knock them out is the price though: 80-85$ only for one chip. Nice.
FiringSquad also has a report on that. They even where there, when it was announced, and they did some benchmarks too. Check it out.

AMD's next move

the register notes that AMD may be releasing a 933MHz Athlon soon, which suggests that it will support a 266/133Mhz RAM/System bus (DDR-SDRAM). Also FIC is expected to start shipping their first boards based on the KX133 board, with overclocking supportive BIOS and a splash screen/audio messages for built-in error messages. See this article for more details on that. Even better was a board that never even produces an error.:)

6 new patents

Mac3d has again gained some info on the last 6 patents Apple has reserved. Check out what the future might bring us from Apple. Some mighty cool stuff among those 6 items.

Mac OS X DP3

MOSR has news and reports on Mac OS X DP3 which has been seeded among developers now. There still seem to be a fewminor to major issues.
Slashdot also has some reader report on this.

G4 hassle

AppleInsider seems to know that both IBM and Motorola can't get past the 500MHz barrier very well with the G4 chip up to revision 2.8. Obviously the problem is so complex that not even IBM could solve it so far. According to some sources, the G4 might be stuck at 500MHz for many month yet. If you ask me, I'd even say that the G4 will never officially exceed 500MHz. I guess the G4e will be ready by the time the G4 might be fixed. The G3 seems to be doing fine in its latest revision though.