More X on the BOX

the register has more details on Microsoft's upcoming console PC "X-Box". Shipping date is expected somewhere in Q3 2001 so that shouldn't be a threat for the Playstation 2, but for Nintendo's PPC based Dolphin console, this might be doom. I wonder what this box will achieve. The business is tiring already (seag having announced a 411Mio$ loss), wht if Microsft joins the battleground now?

Faster CuMine delayed?

the register also notes that while Intel had initially planned to ship the 833 and 866MHZ Coppermine P3s today, these units are now nowwhere to be seen. Of course Intel doesn't confirm anything, but it is quite clear, Intel is not ready or does not want to ship those chips yet. Another bonus for AMD then, I guess.

NewerTech and GDC

iMac2Day notes that NewerTech wil soon be discussing its future and with that, the future of the 466MHZ iMac upgrade.
It also notes that from March 8 to 12, Apple will be demonstrating Mac OS X features at the Game Developers Conference. Apple will be showing "something special" (Halo? Voodoo5? both?) and Billy G. will be holding the opening address and most likely also spilling a few details on the X-Box.