Itanium, McKinley, nono

the register notes that Intel's upcoming Itanium prodessor design (aka Merced) will not be compatible with its successor chip, known as "McKinley". While both chips are 64bit and will use IA-64 compliant compilers, it is almost certain that an Itanium System will never be upgradable with a McKinley chip. Of course that doesn't matter actually.

February 29th

TechWeb notes that today, being a fairly special date, has probably caused more Computer failures than Y2K. After all several systems failed, especially in Japan, where hundreds of cash-registers refused to work properly. Luckily a broken cash-register can be fixed more easily than a few dozen H-bombs:)

MacOS X news

MacNN notes that Apple has finally released the kit for developing Mac OS X device drivers last night. That might initiate another wave of hardware announcements in a matter of weeks.

UMA 2 details

MOSR has gotten new fact/rumors on the features the upcoming UMA 2 motherboard might have. None of those news are surprising to me, actually I could have been their source (I am not), but it does fasten my anxiety to those wonderful kick-really-big-ass Macs. Oh, ohh...

IBM innovates

Looks as if IBM had figured out a new way to produce semiconductors, according to ZDnet. Instead of light waves (lasers), the new technology uses electron beams to etch the circuits onto the silicon. The benefits are expected mainly in the electronic and cellular market. (And maybe it fixes that nasty G4 production problem:)

Final word
I just installed 128MB of PC-100 SDRAM into my beige G3 (requires "PC-66 or faster"), so for all of you who were arguing whether it might work or not, it certainly does, or I'd not be writing this. The good thing about this is, that it is slightly faster and it is quite a lot cheaper than PC-66 SDRAM in some places. I got my RAM from the TheMacSmith where both handling and service are done quickly and friendly. Also prices are really fair.