xlr8yourmac mentions that some readers working with a lot of audio, seem to have problems with the PCI bus in G4 (Yikes!) systems being to busy, causing crashes and hassle. I wonder whether the problem lies in the hardware or the software. Another reader also reports that his brand new G4 shipped with a G4 version 2.9 (up from 2.8).

Intel roadmap

the register has the whole roadmap for Intel's plans in 2000. Really only interesting if you are interested in PCs. HOwever comparing AMD's to Intel's roadmap might be interesting...

Starting off a RAM disk
I tried starting off a RAM disk today, copying a complete Systemfolder to the RAM disk and restarting. Unfortunately this does not work on a beige G3 with Mac OS 8.6. However it is possible on a 6100 with System 7.5, since this machine does not erase the contents of the RAM disk on restart. A friend reported that a G3 B/W with Mac OS 9 also erases the RAM disk, disabling any startup capabilities. I'll be trying the same in a 6200 and a 8100 sooner or later. We are currently not sure whether it is the hardware or rather the software that has influence on whether the RAM disk is erased or saved. Another guy has reported success on a Mac OS 9 machine, but I don't know what Mac he is using. Starting up from a RAM disk will accellerate startup-time by around 1000% and does also increase overall speed.
Too bad it doesn't work on my G3:(
Please report your results/experience here.