Shugashack notes two interesting bits of news:
First, the Playstation 2 has already sold 980'000 units since Saturday. Talk about the iMac being a hit...
And then AMD has indeed released it's 900-1Ghz Athlon range today (although at an insanely high price), Intel will follow on Wednesday with a new range of Coppermines (also a 1GHz on the top end of course). Hilarious, isn't it?
And if you want to read more than Shugashack's 6 lines, and maybe get some of the story behind all the hype, read good old the register.

Final word
New results for RAM-disk booting: a PowerMac 8100/110 with System 8.1 and 72MB of 72pin RAM will boot perfectly off a RAM disk. 8.1 is too big to go on the RAM-disk completely, but fact is that this Mac DOES NOT erase the contents of a RAM disk on restart. This is not surprising for me, after all the 6100 has the same motherboard architecture as the 8100 and also uses the same RAM. My guess is therefore, that the deciding factor is the hardware, and not the software (OS).