nVidia: "Yes..."

xlr8yourmac notes that during an interview in a ZDnet article, a spokesman of nVidia confirmed that nVidia will be releasing a Mac Video card by the end of the year!. That means only Matrox and S3 have to bring their products to the Mac yet, and we're set. Besides some Trident stuff, which we really don't need. That's the kind of news I like.

VPC Linux

the register notes that Connectix has started shipping VPC bundled with RedHat Linux. The good thing is that RedHat is a fine Linux, the bad thing is that LinuxPPC probably runs 10 times faster.


MacOS daily is, according to MacObserver, back online after 2 years of absence. For you that means nothing, for me it means one more page to check out:)

Final word
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