3Dfx news

xlr8yourmac thanks 3dfx for their Mac support in the name of the community and points out that you CAN run Quake 3 final with 8MB Voodoo1 cards at low settings. Q3test also runs with 4MB cards, from Demotest up, there will be lockups due to VRAM lacks. 8MB cards run fine though.

Rampage specs!

Shugashack has gotten some Specs for the successor to the Voodoo5 cards, knows by the codename "Rampage" (Voodoo6). The specs are very interesting and there even seems to be Voxxel hardware accelleration... I've allowed myself to copy that for you:

       Core frequency             200-250 MHz 
       RAMDAC                     360-450 MHz 
       Memory size                128-256 MB 
       Memory type                DDR SDRAM 
       Memory frequency          300-360 MHz 

       1.5-2.5 Gigapixel/s 75 million triangles/sec (effects off) 
       35 million triangles/sec (T-buffer and M-buffer on)
       Up to 25 lightning sources , Voxel unit, New API
       Samples Summer/Autumn 
       Availability  December 2000
Also the aimed release in December 2000 is major kick-ass. Forget that Glaze3D stuff.

GDC Part 2

FiringSquad has the second part of the GDC coverage online. They talk to 3dfx and nVidia, with pics.
SharkyExtreme also does what they're supposed to do. Review and cover.

Motorola does not?

Mac3D notes that according to MacUser UK, Motorola is by no means holding IBM off supplying Apple with faster and cheaper G4 chips. Why nobody ships any remains a miracle therefore... Motorola is instead working on the G4e, which again, is very, very good news.


MOSR rumors that UMA 2 may indeed ship with standard 10/100/1000 BaseT Ethernet networking. Obviously the OEM suppliers do have the product, now I gues it is all a question of the price.

Newer upgrades to support Mac OS X?

AppleInsider notes that Newer technolgy is working on a patch to have all their CPU upgrade cards work with Mac OS X. Apple has said that only Apple branded PPC Cards would work under Mac OS X. According to AppleInsider, Newer has found a way to circumvent this issue, so owners of Newer upgrades may be looking forward to Mac OS X on their machines. (maybe)