HD test

xlr8yourmac has a small test on a Quantum Atlas 10'000 (RPM) on an UW160 controller. Compared to what I have (normal IDE drive, about 6MB/sec), those scores are very impressive. However, Mike Breeden was a little dissapointed, it seems.
He's also posted my comments on Quake 3 an 4MB Voodoo1 cards.

New HD from IBM

the register notes that IBM is now soon going to broadly release their new, huge Harddrive "Deskstar 75GXP". THe drive packs a whopping 75GB of space, spins at 7200RPM and uses a new technology to increase density on the surface. The plates are now constructed of glass, instead of Aluminium, to ensure stiffness and stability. a smaller 40GB comrade is also going to be released.

Rambus is alive

the register also notes that memory producer Hyundai now thinks that they should back RDRAM anyway, because experts have mentioned worries about the fast speed increase we're about to experience in the next months. DDR will run out of MHz at 1.2GHz, but RDRAM is already aiming at 1.5GHz etc. There has been a lot of stock fever around RAMBUS shares, values going up like a rocket. I wonder what we'll see in the future: DDR or RDRAM? Or both?

On-die MP next year

Slashdot retakes IBMs plans to release a Power4, with multiple cores on one chip next year. This technolgy will lead to some kick ass chips with bus-speeds of 500Mhz, huge on-die Level 2 caches and 0.13 micron processes. While the Power4 is the successor to the Power3+ found in supercomputers and servers like the RS/6000 series, Slashdot also points out that AMD's Sledgehammer 64bit chip, might feature similar technology. What everyone ignores is that the G5 will also be based on exactly this technology.


MOSR notes that UMA 2 might not feature 800Mbit FireWire after all, obviously Apple has problems finding distributors for the controllers.
Another things is that Apple seems to be in talks with PC manufacturers about offering an Intel compliant version of Mac OS X (or parts of it) on their systems. Should I be happy or worried now?
Last but not least, MOSR discusses the UMA 2 iBook, and what it might bring in late 2000 or early 2001. Funny how some rumors pop up like mushrooms.