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PowerMac G4 UMA 2 preview

I've put together a small article summarizing the rumors that have been floating around the "Shark" PowerMac G4, that should appear sometime this year. Check it out and drool. Go there now!

HD test

xlr8yourmac has more details on the UW-SCSI card/Harddrive from yesterday, and some feedback for the Yamaha 8x CD-Recorder.

G-News moves

G-News has been moved to a new server yesterday. My ISP has decided to move all "Private Homepages" to http://home.datacomm.ch/youraccount instead of the former http://www.datacomm.ch/youraccount. I hope this will not affect the performance of the page in any way, but you'll have to adapt to the something less practical "home" instead of the "www". www.datacomm.ch/bensch will be forwarded to the new destination until August, after that, all pages will have been deleted on the old server. If you'd like me to have an URL like www.g-news.ch or similar, you'll have to sponsor me. (Which is appreciated) Please report any problems encountered.

Rambus dissected

Tom's Hardware takes a deep look at what is behind Rambus, why it is so extremely expensive, whether it is really as fast as the companies claim, and whether we should like it or not. Hearts are still pounding for DDR-SDRAM everywhere. For some reason abviously, RDRAM is expensive, laggy and hot as a frying pan, and the speed gain, even over conventional memory isn't all that big.

Mac OS X DP3 indepth

AppleInsider has been reporting on Mac OS X features for several days now, maybe you should take a look and get an idea of what is awaiting us from Cuppertino.


MOSR notes that the G4 500 supplies are already growing short outside US (and inside as well), has a big article about FireWire and mentions that ATI's next gen graphics card "Rage 6" will also appear as a "Rage 6 Mobility" (that name is a guess) on PowerBooks. (PowerBook G4).

New patent

Mac3D has a new Apple patent. It's something hardware related, but I have no clue what exactly. Must be my lack of English.

Final word
Damn, I'm out of games, it's boring.

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