Various issues

xlr8yourmac has some solutions for many problems out there, today talking about G3L2 upgrades, DVD drives and other items. Take a look.

Sledgehammer: a closer look

AMDzone has a closer look on the upcoming 64bit processor from AMD, known as "Sledgehammer". Of course they also compared it to other CPU's found in today's highest-end machines. A must for techies.

CrescendoG3PB review

MacNN has already reviewed the G3 333 upgrade for the PowerBooks 1400 from Newer. One neat thing this is indeed. But the downside is that most PB 1400 may already have moved to a faster PowerBook...

I'm fast, I know

MOSR has updated their post on the iMac speedbump already, now stating that the upgrade will be 400/450/500, exactly as I said. No 600MHz yet, hehe, I was right. Well that may be a little sad, but the second post they have, is much, much better...

G4e starting

MOSR notes that Motorola is now rolling out the first official prototypes of the G4e processor. Currently running at speeds between 600-800 MHz (as you could read in my article), those chips may reach 1GHz clearly before the end of the year and even exceed it. I'm so excited about this baby, that I have again allowed myself to copy and paste what MOSR writes. (Sorry guys)

            Motorola sources are now reporting that the first fully functional G4e prototypes to be demonstrated
            outside the company have recently rolled off the production line. Running at 600-700MHz, these
            processors sport more than double the performance of current G4s with a number of very attractive

                  Deeper pipelines, allowing for higher clock rates (up to 1.2GHz) 
                  Initial clock rates ~650MHz-800MHz, with 1GHz projected at approximately five months
                  after release. 
                  256K on-chip Level 2 cache running at full processor speed on a 256-bit data bus, offering
                  performance well in excess of current 1MB backside L2 caches. 
                  Backside Level 3 caches up to 4MB, running at half processor speed 
                  64- and 128-bit MaxBus support 
                  Optimized for multiprocessing with direct processor-to-processor communications
                  capabilities and full-speed cache sharing across CPUs 
                  Smaller, cooler, faster: .15 and later .13/.10 micron wiring processes 
                  Two additional Integer units, one additional Altivec unit. 

            These same Moto sources had originally reported that fully functional G4es would likely not be
            available to third party developers (Apple, etc.) until June. It is much too early to draw major
            conclusions from this, but it does foster hope that Motorola is going all-out to introduce this
            revved-up G4 that may be the answer to many of today's clock speed and shrinking performance
            advantage woes. In fact, if progress continues at this rate, we may see the first G4e-based
            PowerMacs shipping this Summer, rather than the previously projected early-Autumn estimates.....