xlr8yourmac has, along some reviews on various hard and software, a small note stating that 3Dfx is about to acquire GigaPixel Corp., a company that is specialized on 3D core technology engineering. Hope it helps.
the register has more.

Darwin analysis

the register has "analysed" the announcement of Darwin for Intel. They think it opens a way for Apple to move over to x86 technology if the AIM alliance fails completely. However, I keep hear people (and the register) talk about how good Darwin will be, as it is an opensourced, free OS with the user friendlyness of Mac OS X etc. Unfortunately they seem to ignore that Darwin is so much low level of Mac OS X, that it doesn't even include Quartz, which again means, it's basically another version of BSD, which it is based on. But I hope for the register, that they're right anyway.

Uh, oh, hugh!

MacObserver has put up another issue of their "Flip Side" column. The guy talks about how much rumors hurt Apple and other companies, and how dangerous they can be at Wall Street. He sure is right on some point, no debate, but hey, he also has to see that rumors, and rumorsites can not only hurt, but also increase the performance of a company. If a rumor is not met, it may result in dissappointment and therefore a drop of stock, BUT, if one rumor is met, or even only kept up for a certain time, it can boast stocks in the regions of 100 and 1000 of percents. See RAMBUS or Bitboys Oy for example, a lot of hot air can be very good for stock performance.
As long as this guy ignores this, I'll have to ignore him too.


MOSR has some very cool news on Mac OS X's Altivec enhancements. Accoring to their sources almost everything is speeded up from between 10-30% to up to 10 times faster than on equivalent G3 systems. Talk about rumors not making you want things:)