xlr8yourmac has a small Q&A with 3dfx/Gigapixel, asking them about the consequences of that recent deal and the technology that is going to emerge from it. External powersupplies will definitely be out of question, and portable chips will therefore be possible, very fast and very interesting for OEM deals (hint, hint).

More deals?

SharkyExtreme speculates that NVidia and S3 may be in talks. S3 pointed out that they are currently preparing to sell themselves to another company and with 3dfx having spent a "little" bit already, it might well be nVidia ,who also ahve some contracts with S3. This is going to be another AMD vs. Intel war: nVidia vs. 3dfx.
As always, the register has the better story.

800MHz G4e by the end of the year

the regsiter notes that Motorola's timeframe points at chips running as fast as 800MHz by the end of the year, those being G4e and not G4 chips, therefore clearly outperforming a, say, 1.2GHZ G4. They also say that Appke is expected to announce those things in September or so, but that shipping might again take a while. Let's just hope the G4e does not have another nasty little bug somewhere. The register also repeats the specs of the G4e, I've added the changes to my article already. This one's great news.


FiringSquad has a fairly detailed scoop on overclocking, and mainly why some chips are good overclockers and some are not. Read what you and the chip need in order to overclock or be overclockable.


MOSR notes that obviously Motorola is negotiating with third parties to have them produce G4e chips for them. Some names to be mentioned are AMD (of course) and some smaller asian companies.
The next rumor is about a monitorless iMac that might debut in September along with the first G4e machines. This pizza-box might sell for even less and finally allow for bigger monitors to be connected.

Intel roadmaps

SharkyExtreme has the latest roadmaps for Intel's high and low end CPUs that are coming out sooner or later or whenever they're "done". An interesting analysis of technology that is going to make it.