Various bits

xlr8yourmac has various bits on the Toshiba DVD/CDRW drive, more news on GigaPixel technology and some other tips as usual.

Bitboys vaporizing again

the register notes that Bitboys Oy "developer" of the Glaze3D cards, has again missed their won deadline for announcing their cards with the new embedded RAM technology that should allow for extreme bandwidths. Looks like the whole things is really Vaporware™

To BeOS or not to BeOS

MacWEEK notes that BeOS, having reached version 5.0, still doesn't support any G3 or G4 Macs. Is it true that Apple refused to give Be the info they needed to adapt BeoS for the latest Macs, or is it rather Be not wanting to support Apple? Or maybe even both? At least, we're not likely to ever see any version of BeOS run on a G3/G4 or later system.


MOSR has new rumors that Apple may be thinking about developing their very own PowerPC chip, picking technology from IBM and Motorola alike. However it is unclear how much seriousity is behind this idea as of now.
Then their are some more, very interesting news around iPad, which is obviously going to be a true Mac OS X machine...
Last but not least there are some hassles around Mac OS 9.0.4.

Athlon in a G3

After a lot of soldering and tinkering, I was able to get an Athlon 800 on the ZIF slot of my old G3/300. Thanx to the RISC like instruction handling, it runs just perfectly on the Gossamer motherboard. However, after a lot of testing, especially in Photoshop and Quake 3, I noticed that the G3/300 was still a lot faster, so I just dumped the Athlon again and put in the G3 again. I may have some pictures in a few days.