Voodoo news

IMG has the scoop on the just released specs for the Mac Voodoo4 and Voodoo5 cards. There will only be the 4500 PCI and the 5500 PCI model initially. The 4500 does not support all the features (T-buffer) while the 5500 is already quite costly at 330$ per piece. Both have a DVI port though, and will support the whole line of Apple LCD (digital) displays. No mention of Quicktime accelleration and DVD support either so far, although surely promised. I hope 3dfx will add that before they ship those speed-demons.
the register tells us about the same. MacGaming even has an interview with Bryan Speece about 3dfx's plans.

More RAM

Slashdot notes that some scientists at IBM have developed a new kind of RAM again, being non-volatile, fast, durable and cheap, making it ideal for everything from the MP3 player to the PC. 5 years of a wait and you can have it...


MOSR notes that the next revision of the G4 chip (version 3.0 I assume, codename Nitro (this is not the G4e)) will feature a 0.18 micron process (I thought we already had that, was 0.22 obviously) and lower voltage. Thus reducing power conumption and heat dissipation, probably making it portable already? The thing is due in June.
They also have a few more tidbits on Mac OS X.