3Dfx comments

xlr8yourmac has some comments from 3dfx regarding a few questions that have arisen in xlr8yourmac's forums. The main part is about RAVE accelleration.
Then there are some notes on how to build your own PB expansion bay 18GB HD kit and some other reports.

More Mac OS X for x86

the register has some more news from MOSR reporting on more changes to Mac OS X. The changes seem to be aimed at licensing Mac OS X for Intel systems...
I'm really ambivalent about this recent move. I don't think that all the Intel users will jump on Mac OS X and embrace it warmly, but I rather think that many loyal Mac users will leave the Mac hardware platform in favor of the much cheaper and currently also more powerful Intel platforms and that can not be what Apple wants. Software, and market share of the OS are important, but it is not where the main money comes from.
MacWEEK also reports on other companies, not being all too happy about certain features of Mac OS X, mainly because they make a porting from their old applications to the new environment difficult, senseless or impossible.

Even more 3dfx

MacCentral has a more detailed and more up to date scoop on the recent announcements. Obviously 2D and QT accelleration are given. However, 3dfx does not plan to support 2D accelleration in future drivers for the Voodoo3 series of their cards. (Grmbl) But the new drivers for Voodoo3, which are expected to ship soon, will feature RAVE support, which is damn nice.