Voodoo3 beta 12 drivers

xlr8yourmac has some reports on various issues with the new, and most certainly not actually official beta12 drivers. Most people on 3dfx Gamers' forum noted some severe problems with the new driver. I am also waiting for the official release. Read the posts and get prepared in case you can't wait.

NV 15 news

Shugashack has ome news on nVidia's upcoming NV15 graphics card, besides some fast DDR SDRAM the most impressive feature is clearly the price tag. Uff!


MOSR has two interesting notes:
One is Apple's answer to RAMBUS technology, some kind of multi-bus SDRAM technology that sound very, very, very promising.
The other things are a few more specs on he next iBook (UMA 2). Nothing revolutionary, but surely nice.