Radeon 256, baby!

xlr8yourmac has among the following a few notes on ATIs upcoming Radeon 256 graphics cards (formerly known as Rage 6). It looks as if ATI will be entering very serious territory with those cards again, the specs boggle the mind, let's just hope they can live up to expectations this time.
xlr8yourmac.com also notes on other topics.
The following sites have more on the Radeon:

Willamette sampling

the register notes that Intels new IA-32 chip "Willamette" is already sampling internally, the chip will start far above 1GHz and is designed to work beautifully with RAMBUS. Time to ship those damn G4e, Motorola!!

iMac rev.

MOSR notes that a 450 and 500MHz version of the iMac DV may be in beta-testing already. I was hoping for a 100MHz leap, not a 50MHz step. "A small step for the user, a giant leap for Apple" I suppose.

Final word
This is what I wrote to Mike Breeden from xlr8yourmac.com today, thought you might want to know too:

Hi Mike
I have two things to tell and ask you respectively.
1. I have a Voodoo3 in a Beige G3 AV. This Mac has a DAV slot on the
Personality card, while the Voodoo3 has a digital video out port
onboard. I asked myself if there was a possibility to combine the two
slots in a way to get the signal of the Voodoo3 on the AV ports (video
out namely). I dug in TIL a bit and found that DAV is a rather complex
thingy most likely only working with DAV cards (never seen any though),
so this probably wouldn't work, maybe you know better.
2. Anyway I stumbled over the specs of the Personality card and found
that both the normal and the AV version have a 26 pin connector for a
front panel plate (volume control, IR, Phone plug etc). I immediately
remembered that the Performas (6200 for me) had exactly such a panel. I
tinkered a 26 ribbon cable out of a 34pin PC floppy cable and connected
the panel of the 6200 to the Personality card, hooked the Mac back up
and switched on Power (on the multiplug), the Mac immediately started up
for half a second, then powered down, started up again etc etc. I didn't
want to kill it entirely so I pulled the front panel and everything was
ok again, no damage taken. (that was a risk, I know: no risk, no fun)
It seems that the panel from the Performa does not  comply to the specs
asked by the personality card, which is a pity since this panel enables
the Performas to have the CD Player controlled by any Sony remote
control, also shutting down the Mac works fine this way, volume etc,
everything works with a Sony remote control. Of course that would have
been a nice addition for the G3 as well... Maybe you know more on that