AGP V5 for Mac!

xlr8yourmac.com has some great news: 3dfx has shown off a Mac version of their Voodoo5 AGP card (don't know which model, 5500 I guess) at E3, they said that there were no problems with Apple's AGP implementation, something that was obviously feared, after ATi had claimed that they couldn't bring out their Rage Fury MAXX for the Mac, because Apple had messed with the AGP implemenation etc... That seems to be why no product had been announced until they saw that it worked. What they want though, is some playing field for the card, in other words, they want Apple to bring the card into the Apple Store as BTO option. xlr8yourmac.com is now starting a petition for more BTO options in the Apple store, regarding the graphicscards. Bright times ahead, friends! Go vote for it!

E3 news

MGL couldn't post their news because the phone system in their hotel is so crappy the modems can't connect... But they're working hard to get you your coverages, keep an eye on the page.
IMG got them up without trouble it seems.

IMG joins web-alliance

IMG let us know that they have joined the Gamecenter alliance, an alliance of (currently) 4 premier websites on gaming, among the others are Stomped and MS Xbox. The alliance was founded by CNET.com. Expect even more professionalism from them (us) now.