More news

xlr8yourmac.com notes that now suddenly nVidia confirms that they are developing a Mac video card again. The expect it to be announced next year. I mean it's great that they do something, but can't they finally decide if the want to do it or not?
Mike also has various other newsbits, as always.

Bad news

Shugashack notes that Epic (famous for Unreal and UT) have decided to drop both OpenGL and Glide from their supported API list, for ALL of the following projects. That means that porting Unreal 2 etc will be much much harder when even Glide will be missing (that goes for Linux as well as the Mac platform). And what do they develop on now? On Microshafts Direct 3D, thanks a lot Microsoft, you "standards" are once again triumphating over superior products. Who said the DOJ went to far with those farts?


FiringSquad has a coverage on day one an two.
3Dhardware makes it quick.
IMG takes a complete look at the games. And cool news about the Razer Boomslang!

3dfx wants BTO

MacWEEK has posted the "open letter" from 3dfx to Apple, stating that 3dfx wants Apple to put Voodoo4/5 cards on their BTO list, something that gamers all around the world have been crying for for a long time now. As it looks now, the feedback is big enough, I'd expect Apple to answer soon. At least I hope they do.

WWDC, the rumors

MOSR has wrapped up all the rumors currently floating around WWDC, starting tomorrow. Go have a read what they think Apple is going to announce, might be interesting to see where they were right.