xlr8yourmac.com has gotten some positive feedback for Apple's recent multimedia update, which includes new ATI driver stuff and some new audio libraries. Seemingly the new drivers increase OpenGL performance significantly.
He also notes that Sonnet has again lowered their CPU upgrade prices, and from what I saw the price drops are significant to say the least.

Epic is not abandoning us, kindof

Bluesnews has a short interview with Epic, talking about their decision to drop OpenGL support. As they point out, they don't plan to stop supporting the Mac nor Linux, but will simply have the porting companies do the OpenGL or Glide parts. As we know, this worked fine with RAVE, so there is really no reason why it shouldn't work with OpenGL and Glide too, just that it'll make ports far more difficult and time consuming, I assume. Also carefully read between the lines, where they say that on their last game (UT) the primarly focused on Direct3D issues and performance...doesn't that mean that they had most hassles with it too?


MacNN notes the few announcements made at WWDC today. Mac OS X DP4 has been seeded to developers, however the final version was postponed to January 2001 (!!!). Originally, version 1.0 was planned to be ready this summer, now the beta version has taken its place. Oh my Apple, failure of Mac OS X can only result in one thing, keep that in mind Sirs. Quicktime 5 is also going to make it this year, along with some other stuff around the OSes.