xlr8yourmac.com has a big load of news: several G4 deep-sleep-PCI issues and some more reports on that nasty audio problem with older PowerMacs and G4 upgrades. Last but not least Mike notes that Panasonic is working on a new DVD-RAM generation which will be able to hold 9.6GB per disc, the first drives should be out in summer.

More WWDC, even more..(?)

the register has their own little very tip-tongued wrap-up of WWDC so far. Unfortunately I feel very much alike.
MacNN remains with the few facts there are. Some sad ones too.
MacWEEK tries to see the sunny side of WWDC.
MOSR makes it really short. After most of their rumors didn't get confirmed, they kinda have to:)
And AppleInsider does the opposite, after all their (de-)announcements turned out to be true.

E3 wraps

FS has put up one more article for a total of 4 covering almost every booth there was. This time also about games we are going to get too.

New hardware and games

MacCentral has news on a new Airport compatible card for older Macs, an update for Toast Deluxe adding native FireWire support, ID showing off their newest stuff and IMG launching Macgamefiles.com.

Darwin on Intel

Slashdot notes that Darwin really is running on Intel boxes now, as you know I'm very sceptical about this development. If we get Mac OS X on Macs and then some very similar, tinkered together version of it on Intel boxes, what are we going to buy? Macs that will only run with Mac OS X anyway or maybe a Wintel box that'll run any OS we want, including some sort of Mac OS X? My tummy feels funny, I'd say.