xlr8yourmac.com has a link to the Motorola CPU roadmap and a report on FireWire networking. Last days news included a lot on ZIF CPU upgrades, namely the latest prices and an announcement of a review, as well as other drive and CPU related notes.

IBM previews new G3s

the register notes that IBM has now also spoken up on their recently announced chips and has dropped a few more details on their design and ship dates. Make sure to keep yourself posted to this sugarlump:)
MacWEEK has a little more yet. They also note the new chips "eliminate some 60x bus signals". I just hope that doesn't mean they won't be compatible with older Macs anymore.

Radeon plans

AppleInsider has put up an article discussing the possibility of a Mac version of ATi's new Radeon 256 line of graphics cards. According to AI, we could expect the first cards to be announced at MWNY. Read on, but hurry, these guys are being pummeled by legals lately.