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MS-Bungie rumor update

Shugashack has an article claiming the following, which indeed would be good for the Mac platform:

The plot thickens on the Microsoft & Bungie deal. The word I've been told by 'a little birdie' is that
if in fact something like this does go down, Microsoft is considering delaying the PC release of
Halo making it an X-Box debut title. I'm also told that this deal is not yet set in stone, but if
things do go through we will probably see something from Microsoft in a couple of weeks. 

FYI, there are MS and Bungie employees who read this page every day, considering how easy it
would be to refute this information it's strange that nobody has yet. I'll keep you guys posted on
anything else I can find out but leave it to Microsoft to delay our beloved Halo eh?
Btw I hate it when PC users say "our beloved Halo", I really do.>(

Get an ATA/100 drive for free*

the register notes that Maxtor has now released the first ATA/100 harddrives (capable of throughputting 100MB/sec), after the limitations from Quantum (who won the patents) have outdated. The big joke behind it: Maxtors ATA/66 drives were already capable of ATA/100 mode, but Maxtor had to slow them down to ATA/66 due to the above patents. Now as Maxtor may deliver the 100MB7sec versions, owners of ATA/66 models can download a firmware upgrade that will make their drives ATA/100 capable. Cool indeed:)

Home video LAN standard

the register reports that Motorola and JVC are working on a wireless home video LAN technology that will be capable of delivering full screen, full motion video through the air. Nothing has leaked yet in terms of specs, but it is believed that a wireless version of IEE 1394 (FireWire) might be used.

Future of the x86

ArsTechnica again has a nice article discussing things and technologies that are currently floating around the x86 architecture and what the future brings. Interesting tech babble:)


MOSR has new rumors on the next iMac DV which might ship with DVD-RAM (or maybe just the SE version, IMO) and that the MP G4 machines are all ready to ship, but will likely not be shipped before Mac OS X is ready, which is as we know, not the case at all.

More iMac stuff

MOSR has even more rumors on upcoming iMacs, some rumors include CRT, some TFT and some no screen at all. I guess we'll see which one is true in July at MWNY.