More babble

IMG has interviewed Alexander Seriopan from Bungie about the takeover and Seriopan again points out what their motivations were etc. Sadly enough I still can't get beyong the feeling that they were talked into it by some talented and undoubtedly smart MS employees. Also their faith in Microsoft still remains unharmed, although they point out themselves, that they'd be the first case of indepence inside MS. Taking decisions and influencing a probably successful platform may sound inviting, but such projects always have only one driving force, and that is money, and it is exactly the money, Bungie does NOT control. So frankly every decision is still being taken my the MS guys with the money. And the fact that MS thinks the bungie guys are smart is not very surprising, or have you ever heard that a company was bought because all of their staff were butt stupid?

It's going on

Shugashack has a series of links to wrap-ups on the MS( }/Bungie deal. As if that wouldn't have been enough, Eidos seems to have some financial troubles and is currently in talks with Infogrames and, yes you guessed it, Microsoft( ) about a buyout. I'm telling you guys, my list from yesterday is taken straight from Ballmers/Gates' notebook.

Hardcore tinkering

xlr8yourmac.com has put up an article on how to convert a B/W G3 to fit into a PC ATX case. A big bow to the guy who did this, that's really cool. There are also articles on how to convert a Beige G3 and a 8500.

New microdrive

the register notes that IBM now has an 1GB version of their Compact Flash compatible "IBM Microdrive", a harddrive in the size of a matchbook.

FS part two

FiringSquad has put up the second part of their article on Optical Storage. Go read on if you read the first part.


MOSR has MOSR, ie a few more rumors on the next G4 machines and on companies joining the Mac platform.

Final word
Here is one more link on "you know what": MacCentral
Now for the really important stuff:
G-News won't be updated anymore until Sunday 25. This is because I'm moving to France to work for Microsoft, who just bought me for 50$ yesterday....oops I mean this is because I'm going to France for a few days with school. As always, thank you for your patience, Bensch.