nVidia confirms

xlr8yourmac notes that nVidia seems to have set up an apple area on their website, although only with private access so far.
MacWEEK reports on their official announcement of their GeForce 2 MX card, which also includes the word "Mac".
And finally FiringSquad has the preview on the card and explains what makes it different from the traditional Geforce 2.
MGL takes a Mac gaming look at the announcement, which is at least as important as the Voodoo4/5 announcement back in Winter.
MacCentral also wrote a few lines on the topic, as always with forum to sound off.
SharkyExtreme also has a preview of that really impressive card.
IMG's Tuncer Deniz spoke to nVidia himself, and his news are good.

IBM intros new SuperComputer

MacObserver reports on the latest monstrous supercomputer that has emerged from the IBM labs. The thing does 12 trillion operations per second and features 8192 Power chips.
the register keeps it even shorter.

AMD goes mobile

the register reports on AMDs first speed stepping mobile CPU called PowerNow (naaa, isn't that similar), which is expected to beat the crap out of the Intel counterpart.