Graphics card news

xlr8yourmac.com notes that 3dfx is now taking preorders for PCI Voodoo 5 cards, so if you want one, make sure toi get one first.
And a rumor has flown up yesterday that nVidia and Apple have indeed signed an OEM contract. MacCentral says nVidia USA denied the claims, while german site Heise says nVidia Germany confirmed it. That leaves us with 2 halves in each hand which don't match.

IBMs new chips

TechWeb has an article on IBMs latest superchips in development. This time note exactly PowerPC, but some technology can also be expected to make it into future chips of other series or companies. Check it out.


MOSR has two articles talking about something we always wanted to hear. Some new details of the next generation Desktop PowerMac "Mystic" have leaked out. As it seems the new machine will have the form of a cube, of about 12" size per side, the machine is expected to be UMA 2 with dual or more G4 chips, fanless and most certainly a lot of space to add drives and PCI cards. Apple has already asked them to pull the articles by Monday, so hurry up and read them while supplies last. I imagine the thing to look similar to a former Mac clone from German company Metabox, which was called Maxx or so, looked pretty cool.
AppleInsider has rumors on the same machine, but with a fairly different approach to the looks of it. Since it was MOSR who was asked to pull the articles, I must think that they are right (or more right) this time. Still interesting to read.


ZDnet notes that ISPs and communication companies worldwide are now testing IPv6, the successor protocol to IPv4, which has powered the internet for 25 years now. The new 128bit addressing mode is expected to solve a lot of IP shortages, increase security and more. Mac OS X will support it as soon as it is out, so never fear.

Mac OS 9.5

AppleInsider notes that Apple is developing MAC OS 9.5 as one of their last OS upgrades before focusing on Mac OS X totally. Some rumored features are already listed.


IMG has a lot of cool new gaming news, since I don't usually report on that, you'll just have to head over and read it yourself.