Article done

After quite some hassle about getting a digital cam and getting the files back to my (non USB) Mac, I can finally announce that my latest article talking about how to use a different powersupply with a Performa 6200 (or similar) is done and ready for you to read.

Creative news

MP3.com noticed me via newsletter, that Creative Labs has made Mac drivers for their Nomad II portable MP3 player. The package contains drivers for file upload and organisation as well as SoundJam MP player software. According to the date this isn't exactly the latest news, but still great to hear about it.

Rumors and tips

xlr8yourmac notes that Macworld UK / Bloomberg have surfaced yet another version of an Apple OEM graphics chip deal, including nVidia. MacCentral also analyzed that article.
The tips on the other hand are based around placing drives in beige G3s and user feedback on CD-RWs and PCI add-on cards.

Rambus gets the boomerang

TechWeb notes that major DRAM manufacturers are looking inot suing Rambus Inc. for claiming patent right on SDRAM technology. You may already have heard that Toshiba and Hitachi (one major Apple supplier) have settled with RAmbus to pay royalties for using "Rambus'" SDRAM technology. If a new antitrust case is indeed launched, someone might be pissed off, no?

Motorola buys Swiss company

TechWeb also reports that Motorola has acquired a swiss company focusing on embedded systems tools.

The integration of Hiware technology with Motorola's CodeWarrior
Integrated Development Environment will enable Motorola toprovide
the complete DigitalDNA embedded solutions across the full range of
Motorola processors.

Dell kills iMac clone themselves

the register notes that Dell has stopped producing their "WebPC" called low-cost PC only 7 months after letting it on the market. The unit sported a TFT display and cost 1000$, twice as much as the Compaq' iPaq, which is yet another rip-off.

New displays

AppleInsider rumors that Apple is going to debut a new line of 18" TFT flatscreens at MWNY, with revamped versions of the 17" and a 19" CRT display to round it up. They have some pics, but they're so dark you barely see it.

How it works: Display adapters

FiringSquad has launched another attempt to enlighten the web community, by posting an article that explains how Display adapters, aka graphics cards, work.