ADB mice indepth

I wrote up another little article, this time discussing the pros and cons of Apple's ADB mice, solving common problems and some technical infos. See it here

OWC Rev. C ROM review

Yesterday I got my rev. C ROM module for my beige G3 today and after installing it and running a few tests, I have written up a small review. A must read if you have a beige G3 Rev. A and consider upgrading, a good read otherwise:) See it here
I just post this again so you don't miss it..


xlr8yourmac.com's Mike Breeden makes some predictions for MWNY from his "reliable sources". Note the sarcastic humor he uses when mentioning them:)
Along that are some news of a "Burn Proof" software coming to Mac (no more toasted disks with CD-Rs) and a review of ATM 2.6.

FBI and ID news

Shugashack notes that the FBI has been monitoring random internet activity/communication at various ISPs for more than a year now. And the US government keeps bitching about China breaking human rights? Dude, those secret police agencies suck ass.
The other note is about id Software installing some new hardware today, which means their Q3 Master Server will be down for a while. Expect some trouble in Q3.

Intel is whining

the register lists what some Intel spokesman had to say about AMD's PowerNow technology for moblie chips, and about Transmeta's Crusoe and its x86 compatibility. Of course they say PowerNow is a knock off of their Speedstep technology and not any better, and that Crusoe is not 100% x86 compatible etc etc. Remains to be seen if any of that really does matter when it comes to buying a system.

MWNY preview

MacNN has some real preview of what is going to be shown at MWNY. Read what all the third parties are going to show.

Mac3d about to close doors?

Mac3d has been catching my eye recently for not posting any news during a long time. Now they put up a note that their motivation is far from good and that they have gotten a life. Well, I still don't have any, so I'll keep posting.

IBM announces new monitor

Slashdot notes that IBM has a prototype of a 5.2M pixel falt screen in the works with a resolution of a whopping 200dpi and a 2560x2048 resolution. I guess it's not going to be cheap and the fact that it needs a 4 head Matrox graphics card to run doesn't help that either.