Upgrade your Mac?

IMG has posted an article discussion the options you have when it comes to upgrading your Mac (from a gamer's view mostly). There is quite some info in there, but unfortunately they seem to have forgotten to actually put in the pictures they talk about.

IDE RAID card review

xlr8yourmac.com has a review on the Acard IDE RAID card, some reader reports and others.

A whole lot

Shugashack has a whole lot of news, among them: News on Nintendo's Dolphin Console, News on Bungie's secret third project "Fantasy Siege" (obviously some MS employee was impertinent), some info on 3dfx' Rampage's T&L abilities and finally the final Unreal patch for PC has been released (code freeze).

Welcome to Rumor-Mill

the register keeps pondering on the recent rumors from MOSR and AppleInsider. Obviously they feel AppleInsider confirmed the cubic Mac rumor by posting an article themselves, etc etc blabla, this is getting very confusing, just read it yourself.
Here is more on the dilemma.
And here is the article that added more fuel to the fire, from AppleInsider. I don't know, but those sketches don't look like an Apple design.

MacCentral on piracy

MacCentrals's Gameguru takes a look at the current situation of software piracy and what is done against it. Read, and please don't pirate (pirate PC software if you really have to).