MWNY Keynote wrap-up

Ok here is what I was able to pick out of GR and the "live stream". New PowerMacs G4: Single 400MHz G4 as we know it, same price, Dual G4 450, with same case, same price as old 450, and Dual 500MHz, same price as old 500MHz. All with 1Gigabit Ethernet.
New iMacs: iMac (350MHz,64MB,7.5GB,CD,USB,modem,Airport,indigo) 799$, iMac DV (400MHz,64MB,CD,10GB,FireWire,USB,modem,Airport,ruby) 999$, iMac DV+ (450MHz,64MB,20GB,DVD,FireWire,USB,modem,Airport,indigo,ruby,sage) 1299$ and iMac DV SE (500MHz,30GB,DVD,128MB,FireWire,USB,modem,Airport,new graphite and snow) 1499$.
Power Mac G4 Cube: 8" cube containing: G4 450-500Mhz, up to 1.5GB of RAM, 20-30GB HD, new port for USB, Video and Power (much like the old AV ports in the 6100-8100 series (HIV)), cool pull out opening, but obviously a lack of expandability, slotloading DVD on top. 1799-2299$
New screens: 17" CRT with USB hub and new plug for 499$ (new design too), 15" TFT in Cinemadisplay look for 999$ and one more bigger TFT prolly the 22" Cinema Display with the new cable/plug (stream was dead there).
iMovie 2.0: new and improved, free with all desktops, or 49$ webdownload.
iTools: new and improved html builder etc.
MS: Office 2001 for Mac, and continued Game support (or new).
Bungie: continued and assured Mac suppot for all their games.
New Mouse and Keyboard: one button optical mouse full sized button (looks like a flat dildo, but nice), and finally a fullsized keyboard with all the keys and a key to eject CD/DVD from keyboard. Standard with all shipping desktop Macs.
Dissapointments: No speedbump for G4, not a single word about ATI RADEON or RAGE 4XL, no mention of nVidia or 3dfx either, no mention of Creative labs soundcards, no faster FireWire, no Quicktime 5 and Mac OS X beta only in September.
More might drop out as time passes.

New products

xlr8yourmac.com has a lot of news on new CPU upgrades (G4 for iMac, others for PB G3s) and a load of other stuff already, keep checking.

Palm to adopt Newton technology

the register notes that Aplm seems to be preparing a new device with true handwriting recognition. The technolog yis rumored to have been dealed out with Apple, as Steve said himslef that they'd been working with Palm a lot recently (MWSF).

MWNY galore

The following sites offer notes and coverages of MWNY:

Mac3D closes doors

Mac3D has posted that they'll close their doors at least until December, which was a much foreseeable move.

More on Apple produts

Apple has put up a detailed describtion of their G4 Cube, which seems to be aimed at Gamers!!!! The graphics card seems to sit in an AGP slot, and not soldered on, like in the iMac. However only the smaller AGP cards will fit in (only 7" or 8" cards or smaller, Voodoo5 5500 is 13"), no full sized cards or anything. Also the card seems to sport the ADC port, which would be lost by upgrading to a different card.
The new sound over USB and USB over screen (ADC) are fairly cool too. Although Apple has tried this already with HIV which included Video, AV and ADB back in 1994, which failed.

ATI update

ATI has announced RADEON cards for Mac starting in September now, so that post yesterday probably was a fluke. While the cards will ship in both AGP and PCI versions, Mac users are once again denied the fancy 64MB versions, the PC side will get. Why ATI chose to dissapoint us there, remains to be understood. By the time the first Macs will ship with RADEON as standard (probably only by January, maybe in a Rev. B), nVidia might already have their NV20 cards ready, and 3Dfx might come with Rampage, both are expected to support the Mac platform. (and to outrun the RADEON. ATi just has a crappy timecycle:)
Update of the update: IMG notes that ATI's leak yesterday about the new PowerMac line etc has angered mighty Steve a lot and so HE pulled all the RADEON demo and ATI announcements out of the speech. Whether this hurted more to ATI or to Apple remains to be seen. Fact is that everything is according to that leaked post yesterday, and that we will indeed see RADEON on Macs, at least as BTO options.

The New Mouse and Keyboard and QTVR pics

Here are the specs and info for The New Pro Mouse an the new Pro Keyboard
There is also a very cool QTVR gallery of all the new hardware.