MP G4s analyzed again

Cnet.com again points out how useless the second G4 in the new MP G4 machines really is at this point. While this is certainly true, I think it makes you feel good to buy a fast Mac now, and knowing it has reserves for twice as much power once Mac OS X is out. Get a 1GHz Pentium and you know once the enxt Windows is out, you'll have to upgrade...

Analists pop up like mushrooms

And they like to write too, here's what some of they say:
Upside Today actually concentrates on the downsides.
MacWEEK discusses the hardware with Apple reps.
MacWEEK's Andrew Shalat discusses the Cube.
MOSR comments on the analysis.

More Creative

MacCentral takes a closer look at Creative Labs. products that were shown at MWNY. I'd expect a lot of great stuff from these guys in the future.

The GUI discussion

Slashdot has linked me to a site talking about the Anti-Mac interface, which is an idea srpung out of the head of two Sun employees back in 1996. The idea is of having an UI that is not as abstract as just a command line interface like UNIX or DOS, but also not as metaphoric and graphic loaded as the Mac OS (which again is the idiot in the procession). While some things are certainly 100% true (for example I use FinderPop all the time, which is something I think Apple should have implemented about 30 years ago:), the raving about how much better X Windows does it (and all the other Linux variants) gets a bit tiring. Still it is worth an overflyer.

MOSR got it wrong

MOSR has written up this small new rumor:

Apple to release ADC adapter? 

            Numerous reports from the Macworld show floor suggest that Apple may be planning to release an
            adapter (or, at a minimum, OEM someone else's) that will allow new Macs with the Apple Display
            Connector single-cable interface to work with displays that have separate power, USB, and video
Obviously they didn't notice all the new Macs also sport a normal VGA port. They probably thought about an adaptor for the new displays, so they can be used on D-Sub-15 or 25 port equipped Macs. Doodz!