More Xtrem

I talked with David K. Every about his opinion on the Xtrem Mac. Here is what he had to say.

iMac upgrades and VRM details

xlr8yourmac.com has a reader report of a very satisfied iMac iForce G3/500 upgrader. He says with a Voodoo2 in the mezzanine slot and the new CPU "it (the iMac) serves UT like a champ". Seems to be a good price/performance value there.
An other note links to a page of a reader that has diffed up some more details and pictures about the Beige G3 VRM (Voltage Regulator Module) trouble. Remember the good ones are Raytheon, the baddies are Royal.

Transmeta news

the register notes that Transmeta has released their new TM5600 chip, the successor to the last Crusoe chip. The chip has further reduced power-consumption while adding more Cache 128K L1/512K L2, both on die. The chip is fabbed at 0.18 micron and has already started shipping. With speed at up to 700MHz, the new chip is even more promising than its predecessor. Sony has already announced VAIO notebooks featuring the new chip.

LCD boost

MacObserver notes that Apple has invested about 100Mio $ into Samsung, so they could revampt their LCD production facilities. According to the article that will ensure that Apple gets a sufficient supply of 14.1, 17 and 21.3" TFTs in the future.


MOSR has new rumors about the Xtrem Mac. The Sweds have put up a new, more detailed spec sheet and sources claim that they have gotten a buyout offer from Apple. They also note the 150MHz bus speed was run successfully, while using "rare and expensive" PC166 SDRAM. Still I'm not so sure if the UMA chipset even supports that kind of RAM. Leave alone they'd still have to cope with the L2 cache speeds. Those news surely add more fuel to the fire, but I still don't believe it until I see one of those machines.
The other note is about a revised iBook, which is of course going to appear the way they claim it will be, but when, is another question.


Lowendmac has an even beefier rumor, about Apple ditching the G4 sooner than expected in favor of "the G5 chip". Their spes of the G5 do nowhere nearly match the ones I heard a while ago, but in the end it doesn't matter. Just read it, it isn't long or boring.