Apple again

the register notes that Apple is now looking for someone who will seek and destroy any national and international copyright infringements. This legal watchdog would then report things back and Apple would act against the sites, persons or companies. Copyrights in honors, but this is paranoid.

Mousepad review

FiringSquad has put up a new review of the latest and greatest mousepad (yeah, that's cross-platform too). They gave it an editors choice award, so you might want to htake a look.


MacCentral notes that Maxtor is now shipping their 80GB IDE drives that support up to ATA/100. The disks have an average search time of 9ms and 20GB of space per platter. This takes Maxtor back to the lead of HD size.

Apple lying at us?

AppleInsider notes that the delays for G4 MP machines may be due to more serious reasons than Apple officially admits. Are they lying at us?

More Xtrem

I talked with David K. Every about his opinion on the Xtrem Mac. Here is what he had to say.