Cube photos

xlr8yourmac.com has a link to a page of a group of japanese tinkerers, who have disassembled a PowerMac G4 Cube. Some nice and probably also useful pics, but I couldn't stop thinking their CUbe had a PCI slot, instead of an AGP one, but that may also just be lack of experience.
An other note talks about driver conflicts of Voodoo5 cards and various applications.


Shugashack notes that Intel may soon be releasing more details on the P4 chip next week and that ATI has now released the All-in-Wonder RADEON, a Radeon card that features a TV tuner, TV in-out, improved DVD playback etc, all on one card. Let's pray this thing will come as BTO on the AppleStore too. I have already played Quake on a 70cm screen and I can tell you it rocks. Also making videos of you playing your favorite game is extremely fun and can also add to your skill, if you take the time to analyze it.
FiringSquad already has the review of the card (PC).

DDR debuts

the register reports that Kingston Technologies is now sampling the first DDR-SDRAM Modules to OEMs for testing. Mass production and the first systems using the new and much faster RAM type, shoudl appear in Q4 2000.

ADC makes waves

the register also notes that 3Dfx has announced support for the Apple Desktop Connector (ADC), first shown on PowerMac G4 MP and G4 Cube computers, leading power, image signal and USB through only one cable. That move is rather surprising and I think either 3Dfx is really desperate to enter the Mac market, or Apple has provided them with an 31337 advocate for the new standard. Personally I think the new connector only limits Apple's display sales.