xlr8yourmac.com has some words on Seybold and some new links to 3Dfx posts: one concerning the nVidia suit and the other is to the finanical results.

More of the same

Shugashack also has news on the 3Dfx vs. NVidia lawsuit, as well as the finanical results (oh, did I mention they're not exactly splendid?). And last but not least some (digest with care) P4 benchmarks from some guys who claim to have gotten early silicon in their hands...
FiringSquad has some written fact on the P4, released from Intel at IDF itself. Check out what we can expect from Intel's next mainboard warmer.


the register has picked up MOSR's recent post of the G4e sampling in speeds of up to 1050MHz and basically says nothing MOSR hasn't already said, but in case you missed it, head on over.

Mac OS X beta

the register and all the others mention that Steve Jobs has set the release date of Mac OS X beta for September 13th. I sure hope 13 has no meaning in this case.
MacWEEK has a few introductory words on that beta.