xlr8yourmac.com has been busy posting a lot of stuff, among them a few very interesting ones. For example today's postings turn mainly around Radeon performance on G4s and G4 Cubes. And the pretty much kick Voodoo5 butt. But I always expected that. Finally some reasonable FPS scores in Quake 3.
I recommend checking Michael's archives, as there are many other things worth reading I didn't mention here. Things like a new Chip announcement from Motorola. The PPC 7410 as a low-power version of the G4, clocking as high (low) as 550MHz.

Apple Crash

Apple had a really bad stock crash yesterday, dropping by more than 45% to a low of about 27$ per share. Also other tech titles suffered, but none as much as Apple. The crash is seen as a hysterical reaction of investors after the recent chaos in stock markets. Apple had announced a drop of profits for the next quarter of 33% due to bad sales numbers worldwide. Needless to say this is not only Apple's fault. Hint hint. No reason to panic if you ask me.


MOSR has new rumors on upcoming UMA-2 MP systems with up to 8 CPUs and all the newest chips that have just been announced and of course much faster than even MP Athlon machines etc etc. Believe as much as you like.