Quake 3 OS X feedback

xlr8yourmac.com has gotten some feedback from Mac OS X beta users on the new Quake 3 Beta for Mac OS X from the Omni Group. Seems to be quite a bit faster already. That certainly is good news.

Apple Cracks

the register picks up the recent discussion of cracks, or as Apple says "mould lines" in the case of the G4 Cube. Of course people got irritated by those little flaws and immediately the press and Apple made a whole mess out of it. And the registers concern that the G4 Cube mnight become the PB 5300 of the Job's era, is simply ridiculous, after all a crack is not an exploding battery.

Apple retail chain?

MacWEEK reports that recent rumors indicate that Apple may be planning to open their own retail chain to get more Macs to the people. Certainly the only option left, as more and more Mac stores have to draw consequences out of too small margins and therefore small profits. Today another Apple store in Bern closed its doors because of that. That certainly isn't a good thing.