iMac CPU upgrade

xlr8yourmac.com has some feedback on the 500MHz G3 CPU upgrade card for first-generation iMacs from Powerlogix and announces an indepth game-performance comparison under Mac OS X.

Maxtor intros FW drives

MacWEEK notes that Maxtor has introduced a new series of external drives for your favorite FireWire port. The drives are still using a bridge chip to convert from ATA to IEEE 1394, but the drives are their fast 40 and 80GB DiamondMax drives. And they're fairly cheap too.

Apple situation wrap-up

MacWEEK talks about the recent stock dilemma we all noticed (Apple going down, Intel, Dell and others following), brings up reasons and ideas and points out that generally it can all be seen as an overreaction. This is clearly what I always thought and I think it's a article really worth the read.