Jobs reacts

the register has a short wrap up of what Steve Jobs had to say in reaction to Apple's recent bad performance. It's all about getting more efficient and spending less money, thus hiring fewer people, while not firing any. Sounds good to me so far.

OS X for Intel news

the register also notes that a website has launched a petition asking Apple to bring out a version of Mac OS X that will run on Intel. They discuss some of the aspects as well, but I just can't help feeling funny about that. After all Intel hardware really isn't great, aside from the fact that it is faster. But speed is not everything. Also I doubt Apple would ever release an Intel version of Carbon on OS X, so it would be restricted to Darwin, and that again really isn't much more than any other BSD you can get. I wonder how much people really are behind that demand for an Intel version.

MOX reactions

MacWEEK has some reactions from readers on OS X. It's interesting how some think it's great and some think it sucks. I'm undecided yet, but I can tell you for sure that I dislike the new "Finder" (Searcher, rather).