Motorola announcing stuff

CNET has news from the Microprocessor forum where Motorola announced a new and imporved G4 chip called "Apollo". It looks like this is actually the successor to the "V'Ger" chip or G4e, G4+ as it was often called. The new chip is basically the same as the V'Ger but uses SOI to reach speed up to and above 1GHz. That all sounds good and fine so far, but hell we haven't even seen one of the damn 700MHz V'Ger chips. Instead Motorola claims that Apple is lagging behind in adopting their new chips. Yeah sure. Also make sure to read the comments.
the register also has news on the topic with some more details.
MacWEEK also has their scoop, pointing out that Motorola sees Apollo as a means of learning to understand SOI. Expect a delay because of troubles with SOI of about, say, a year.

Dual is in

Shugashack has an article that is going to piss someone off in Cuppertino. AMD has finally demoed a Dual CPU Athlon system running on their own 760 chipset and using DDR-RAM. Yeah, so much about that MP-step ahead.

Final word
MOSR notes, among others, that Apple has released a preview version of QuickTime 5 along with the announcement for the final version, of course. You can download it for free.